Hey there, bright young entrepreneur… Expand your start-up hustle with this app!


The entrepreneurship game is taking the world by storm.

With more and more twenty-somethings eschewing the corporate world to launch their own ventures, and with 608,100 new start-ups created in the UK alone last year, the motivation to learn fast and get ahead is huge.

In order for entrepreneurs to grow, getting advice from those who have already succeeded in the industry is key. And as world’s number-one life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, outlines in his awesome New York Times #1 Bestseller, Unleash the Power Within, one of the surest ways to succeed is to emulate someone who’s already achieved what you want.

Following the tried-and-tested strategies of a role model or mentor can help you deliver quicker results, without having to take a stab in the dark with every single technique.

This is particularly key for entrepreneurs, who tend to throw themselves into the ring and learn from scratch, without having a boss to tell them what to do.

As a result, a nudge in the right direction really goes a long way.

This is where innovative new app, SmartUp, totally smashes it.

In 2015, Henry Lane Fox (Co-Founder of LastMinute.com) and Frank Meehan (former Board Director of Spotify), created SmartUp, a knowledge and mentorship tool for early-stage and future entrepreneurs.

The app, known as a ‘BuzzFeed for learning’, is available for iPhone and Android and features start-up advice from the main players behind AirBnb, Uber, LastMinute.com, Wired, BetFair, Zappos, King.com (owner of Candy Crush) and many others.

So if, like me, you often pick up a lot of your biz inspiration from entrepreneur.com or Business Insider, this app is a great addition to your repertoire as it’s not only article-rich, but will take your knowledge to the next level with business simulations and interactive quizzes.

Check out this app launch simulation.

IMG_1792       IMG_1794

Your challenge is to launch a fashion app called ‘MyStylish’ to the global app store. The prime objective is to gain at least 500 installs in 7 days.

You’re given the options to advertise through different online channels (e.g. SEO; social media), with varying pay schemes and target demographics.

This simulation gives great insight into the common challenges you’ll face in bringing a new product to market and understanding which forms of advertising may be more effective.

The best thing about this gamified process is that you receive points for completing quizzes, reading features and doing simulations. Upon gaining 1,000 points on the app, you’re then entered into a draw for the chance to receive 1-2-1 live mentoring with a member of Founders Forum.

These include heavyweights such as Riccardo Zacconi (King.com), Simon Patterson (Silverlake partners + Board of Dell) and Kathryn Parsons(Decoded).

Another great future is that you can brush up your knowledge of the latest tech innovations with SmartUp Weekly Tech Quiz, a great way to sum up a week’s worth of tech news!

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IMG_1799.PNG            IMG_1797

Download the app now! –> On the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Have you used SmartUp before? How has it helped you take your business to the next level? 

Share with us in the comments below!

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