Welcome to LifeGrind!

Hey guys,

My name’s Selina, I’m a London-based PR & social media marketer, blogger, chai latte addict, personal development fanatic and media junkie.

I started this blog because I feel like a new generation is upon us. One of success-driven, digitally-savvy twenty-somethings harbouring a thirst for self-discovery; a free-spirited lot, with one foot in ‘corporate’ and the other in ‘maverick’.

Our generation is all about the grind. We work hard, play hard; we love to get energized.

But we’re also life-curious, striving for self-growth and experiences out there in this big, wide world. We’re an experimental bunch.


One mantra that has always kept me ticking is the fact that we only live once. And, with this in mind, I reckon it’s time we maxed our lives and squeezed out every drop.

As Mae West once said (and even more poignantly, Ne-Yo), ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’.

(I love it when popstars revive old quotes. In fact, I can’t tell who better illustrates the sentiment, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ – Nietzsche or Kelly Clarkson?)

So there you have it: keep you eye on the blog for tips and tricks on how you can get more out of your daily living. You’ll find motivation, productivity hacks, reviews on useful tech and lifestyle features.

And feel free to say hey and tell me what you think!



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